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Hargrave is a school where boys strengthen their faith, build their character, learn to lead, and realize their full potential.

COVID-19 Response

The Hargrave faculty are striving to meet the academic needs of our Cadets while remaining sensitive to the social, mental, and emotional health and well-being of each Cadet. We have created a Remote Learning environment that provides structure, order, and accountability for Cadets as they work toward academic goals.

See the COVID-19 Updates page for an archive of news related to Hargrave’s COVID-19 response.

To help ensure the health and safety of the Hargrave community, all campus visitors are required to fill out the Spring Campus Visitor Survey and go to the campus infirmary for a temperature check prior to entry.

I found Hargrave at the last possible minute, beyond which those lessons wouldn’t have penetrated and beyond which the course of my life would have been unalterably changed for the worse.

Rob Bartenstein — Alumni
Boys’ Education


We base every day on these beliefs about how boys grow into young men.

Character Matters Here

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