Another Close Miss

Another Close Miss

As the rifle team continues to show improvement, our competitors do, too. It was a tough loss against a strong opponent again Friday, as our Tigers drop another one to Fishburne. We were both missing some of our competitive marksmen, and it turned into a tough competition. With a final score of 939 to 921, we were defeated by a very slim margin of just 18 points. In rifle, that equates to a few minute misses or minuscule shots closer to the bullseye.

We did, however, make some good gains in individual scores.
Our top 4 shooters who scored for the team were:
Wilkie: 250 and overall winner for the 3rd time
Kiesnowski: 238 and 4th overall
Thomas: 228, 7th overall, and best personal record
Benjamin: 205, 8th overall, best personal, and first time scoring for the team

Jacob Kave

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