Cadets Help Hargrave Family

Cadets Help Hargrave Family

The recent record snow was beautiful and exciting for your Hargrave Cadets. They enjoyed sledding, snowball fights, and many continue to be amazed at their first experience with a large or actual snowstorm.

Many Cadets volunteered to shovel snow from sidewalks and walking paths, ensuring they and their fellow Cadets had clean, safe travels.

Cadets Christopher Wreidt, Tyler Medlin, and Jay Thompson were up early on Monday 10 December shoveling sidewalks and entry steps.

Lieutenant Colonel Mike Broomell, our Faculty Provost, and Cross-country Coach led a group of Cadets over to the house of Mrs. Molly Farrell, the widow of a long-time faculty member Master Chief Farrell. Cadets Jacob Kitchen, Tian Zhu, David Mueller, Gavin Warll, and John Paul Kapp all helped to shovel Mrs. Farrell's driveway and steps.

Nicholas Morris

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