Highlighted Character Trait: Respect

Since 1909, Hargrave has been in the business of building men of character, and that tradition continues today as we celebrate our 110th anniversary. Our faculty and staff have embraced the President’s Character Across the Campus program and have committed themselves to fostering a culture of pride within the Hargrave community. The program is designed to weave character education into the fabric of Hargrave’s organizational culture and the everyday lives of our students. The goal is to build each of our young men holistically through our 4 Pillars into leaders of character prepared for lifelong success.

To help administer the Character Across the Campus Program, we focus on specific highlighted character traits throughout the year. These traits are introduced by the President every 3-4 weeks in chapel and then emphasized in the classroom, during sports, chapel services and other spiritual activities, volunteer events, clubs and other activities and within the military department.

Sergeant Major Scott Dooley, the Director of the Center for Leadership and Ethics, provides oversight of the Character Across the Campus Program. He is energized by what he sees on campus and stated, “I believe in Hargrave and our emphasis on character development. I truly believe Hargrave does change lives and produces productive citizens who are guided in their decisions by a strict code of moral ethics.”

Highlighted Character Trait-Respect


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Hargrave develops young men into leaders of character who are prepared for lifelong success.

We are a college-prep boarding school for young men in grades 7–12 & Post Graduate.

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