Chatham Love

Chatham Love

There is a new LOVEwork mural in our quaint little town of Chatham. Virginia has over 130 LOVEworks throughout the state. Each installation is unique and represents the community that hosts it.

When you look at the O, you will see five landmarks of our little town: Chatham Hall (a girls boarding school across town), the street car, the clock tower on the court house, the arch for Competition Alley, and of course Hargrave.

Sydney Lane, the local artist who designed and painted the mural, is a Chatham Hall alumnae (2012) and knows the importance our two schools have, not just in Virginia but in the world.

"I want it to inspire visitors, parents, alumni and people who have lived here their whole lives" she says.

The letter L represents why people choose to live and visit Chatham, O is for the History, V is for our place in the state of Virginia, and E is just for fun.

Several color drafts were completed but Sydney surprised our town with the monochrome scheme when the mural was unveiled a few weeks ago. "I felt that monochromatic was the best fit for Chatham. I did not want the mural to take away from the beauty that is my hometown," she says.

Andrew Erickson

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