Monitoring the Spread of Coronavirus

Dear Hargrave Parents:

We are closely monitoring the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our cadets and the Hargrave community are not at high risk at this time. However, we are monitoring for the symptoms which can include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. Per CDC and Virginia Department of Health guidance, suspected cases will be tested for common influenza and then for COVID-19 unless the patient meets the following high-risk factors: close contact with a known case of COVID-19, or a history of travel from an affected geographic area within 14 days of symptoms onset.

At this time, our efforts are focused on preparedness and prevention. We have reviewed and updated our response plans accordingly. The Infirmary staff provides a weekly report of all illnesses, are tracking the latest CDC and VDH information and they are tied into the mandatory reporting system. Our custodial staff is putting extra effort into the sanitization of surfaces. Our faculty are also ensuring desks and classroom surfaces are wiped down regularly. Most importantly, all faculty, staff, and cadets are focusing on staying healthy and regularly washing their hands and practicing good hygiene.

Any sick cadets will be treated per our current influenza protocol with quarantine in the Infirmary, testing, and treatment in accordance with the CDC/VDH guidelines. Parents will be contacted in the event of any illness on campus.

We ask for your cooperation in a few areas. First, if you or your cadet are sick with any flu-like symptoms, please stay home until symptom-free for 24 hours. Second, encourage and model good handwashing and hygiene habits at home. Third, review the CDC traveler’s guidelines when planning trips, especially for spring break travel. Finally, please communicate with our Hargrave Infirmary Staff if you have any concerns, visit areas or with people considered high risk for COVID-19.

There are no current travel warnings issued for travel within the United States or most foreign countries. However, please review the latest information from the CDC prior to travel. We ask that anyone who travels to and from or has contact with someone who has recently traveled from the following countries notify our HMA Infirmary staff prior to returning to school: China, Iran, South Korea, Italy, Japan, and Hong Kong.

I have included links to several CDC information sites that are regularly updated and provide sound and dependable information regarding this illness. We don’t anticipate major impacts to our daily routine, but we are prepared to act if necessary. This is the first of regular communication as we navigate this situation.

Michael Brown
President, Hargrave Military Academy


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