Best-Selling Author Dr. Michael Reichert Speaks at Hargrave

Best-Selling Author Dr. Michael Reichert Speaks at Hargrave

Hargrave Military Academy hosted Dr. Michael Reichert on Monday, August 19th at their Faculty In-Service as they prepare for the upcoming school year. Dr. Reichert is the best-selling author of How to Raise a Boy: The Power of Connection to Build Good Men. This, his most recent work, is very applicable to Hargrave's mission to build leaders of character prepared for lifelong success.

One Hargrave administration official stated, "This is a great way to kick off our school year. Dr. Reichert's expertise and perspective on building strong relationships with boys to achieve development aligns perfectly with Hargrave's four pillar development approach. We believe investing in each and every cadet through relationships with faculty, coaches and staff provides the right environment for a young man's holistic growth."

Dr. Reichert led a collaborative workshop attended by Hargrave faculty and staff.

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