Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

Running from Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning, Hargrave held its annual Eye of the Tiger Challenge.

"This multi-skilled, 20-hour long event is designed to test each Cadet's teamwork ability, physical and mental endurance, problem-solving skills, and Sisu (Norwegian for "grit"). It is not designed for every Cadet to pass, but for every Cadet to attempt." - LTC Nick Morris, Commandant

Schedule of Events:

Obstacle Course
Fitness Test (crunches, pullups, run)
Trail Run
Wilderness Survival Skills
Ruck March
Written Test
Combat Fitness Test
Night Operations (Escape and Evasion)
Keep in Mind Test
Uniform Inspection
Water Survival Skills
Warriors Breakfast (all Cadets who complete but not necessarily pass)

"Leaders of Character are built through challenges, physical and mental. The Eye of the Tiger Challenge is one of the toughest gut checks a young man will participate in."

Nicholas Morris

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