Featured Faculty - Dena Olsen

Featured Faculty - Dena Olsen

Ms. Olsen is a familiar smiling face on campus and is Hargrave's Director of Guidance and Counseling. She holds a Masters in School Counseling.

A friend from college started working at Hargrave and was soon telling her all about it. "God drew me to Hargrave", she explains.

While in school, she realized that she wanted to build stronger relationships with the students than a day school would provide. She enjoys being there for our Cadets for much more than just school problems. "I talk to them about all facets of life, we talk about everything."

"No boy is perfect, we all make mistakes. Hargrave is a good place for a fresh start where they can establish a new reputation". She uses all opportunities to make "everything a teachable moment."

Her least favorite part of her time at Hargrave is the summer. "I just love going to work and seeing the Cadets each day."

Many of the Cadets see her as a mom figure. "A recent graduate called and didn't know how to set up a checking account. It meant a lot that he saw me as someone who would help him with that."

Dena and her husband have a one year old toddler that the Cadets affectionately call "Baby Brock".

Andrew Erickson

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