Featured Faculty - Dr. Brent Robida

 Featured Faculty - Dr. Brent Robida

Dr. Robida did not intend to be an English teacher, though as a high school student, he was fascinated with reading and remembers the day he realized that other people were putting serious consideration into the written word.

After being a lecturer at the University of Tennessee and Clemson University, he has learned to really appreciate teaching high school students. "They are so much more present than college students; you can see them as a whole individual."

"I like to step into the shoes of the students. Writing and reading is a process and I must be their encourager and guide."

He also coaches Soccer at Hargrave. "Coaching opens up relationship doors with students. Being sincerely called "Coach" is a good feeling."

Something that he wishes everyone knew about Hargrave is "how many first rate (beyond exceptional) students attend."

Brent Robida

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