Featured Faculty Mike Broomell

Featured Faculty Mike Broomell

Lieutenant Colonel Broomell first arrived at Hargrave in March of 1994 not knowing if he could do this job. He was a young teacher and was taking over for a long term and very popular faculty member.

On his first day, a Cadet who was not interested in actually working in class gave him quite a hard time. Coach Broomell knew he needed to help that young man and help he did. At the end of the school year, he was simply rewarded with the young man coming up to him and saying, "Thank you for teaching me." He has been teaching Social Studies and coaching ever since. "This is where God wanted me to be."

Before coming to Hargrave, his idea of military academy was the movie Taps. He knew it would be structured: "Structure is good for everyone; it gives you a framework to work in and helps you to know your boundaries. Hargrave has the best of both worlds; we have a family atmosphere that is structured."

Every morning he starts off with a devotion in class and includes the devotional theme in his class lessons. He enjoys being creative in his classroom and not just teaching to a test.

"Hargrave is not the buildings. It is not the facilities. It is the people. Our faculty are willing to go out of their way to mentor and help kids with their academics and to help grow their spiritual character."

He keeps up with many of his former students over social media and is happy to see them enjoy the fruits of their labor. Many come back to visit and repeat his quotes back to him. "Hard work, given time, beats talent"

"I enjoy going to work everyday as I have the best two jobs in the world. I am a Hargrave teacher and in the summer I am a lifeguard at Myrtle Beach!"

Though he started off not knowing if Hargrave was the school for him, LTC Broomell is now the longest serving faculty member. "I found a home at Hargrave."

Mike Broomell

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