Featured Staff - Captain Chad Lynn, TAC Officer & Alumni

Featured Staff - Captain Chad Lynn, TAC Officer & Alumni

Captain Chad Lynn '04 is in his first year as a TAC Officer at Hargrave but he no stranger to our beautiful campus. He attend HMA for 3 years, graduating in 2004 as the Battalion Commander.

He is pictured with SgtMaj Rogers, his TAC Officer when he was a cadet.

Like all cadets, Captain Lynn was not perfect. Being a cadet is a time for growth and learning from mistakes. His senior year he scolded the Battalion Sergeant Major in front of subordinates. "I was not thinking and really upset the other cadet", he says. His TAC officer then took him into his office and talked with him about proper conflict resolution and how to treat others.

As a cadet learning to be a leader, he had many great Hargrave men to model himself after until he was no longer emulating but living as a leader.

When his parents brought up the idea of military school he thought they were joking. After experiencing the lifestyle during a summer camp he was hooked. "I needed the How to Study Program and quickly made friends and fell in love with Hargrave."

He is proud to be doing the same for other cadets. "Every day I use lessons I learned from my TAC's."

He wishes everyone knew how much fun and freedom you can have at Hargrave. "There are so many sports and activities for cadets who want to take advantage of them. Cadets also have access to great caring people they would not normally have access to."

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