Featured Staff Don Haston

Featured Staff Don Haston

We are excited to welcome Don Haston back to campus as our Director of Facilities. Don is an alumnus, a former Hargrave Board Member and recently stepped down as the head of Haston General Contractors in Charlotte, North Carolina. "The Lord led me to give back to this school that gave so much to me."

Don grew up in Wingate, North Carolina just outside of Charlotte. He came to Hargrave in 10th grade as a scared kid but he quickly made friends (that he still keeps) and made the baseball team.

"I had some bad friends and not the best grades and a friend of mine at church told me about Hargrave. Hargrave understood me and helped me get where I needed to be academically."

As a Board Member, he helped with major renovation and construction projects on campus. Now, as Director of Facilities, he will oversee our latest renovation projects.

When asked what Hargrave means to him he says, "Hargrave is a school that cares. It cares about academics, it cares about spiritual growth, it cares about character and it cares about athletics. Most importantly it cares what a kid will be doing 10 years after they graduate."

As a business owner he credits Hargrave with not just helping him to improve his grades, but how to use his time wisely and how to treat people with respect. "You have to respect your customers and you have to respect your employees."

"At Hargrave you find brothers. Brothers you do more than just live with. You play sports with them, you laugh and cry with them, you grow up with them."

Don Haston

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