2019 Honor Dinner

2019 Honor Dinner

This year’s Honor Dinner was held on August 31st. Colonel Brown opened the night with an excellent speech on honor and integrity. During the speech, Colonel Brown explained the HMA Honor System and espoused the value of the HMA Honor Code. He reminded the cadets that this pledge will carry them forward in all future relationships, both professional and personal.

Next, Lt. Colonel Morris robed and swore in this year’s Honor Council members, which included cadets from each class.

The Honor Council fulfilled their first duty flawlessly, leading the entire Corps of Cadets to sign the Honor Code of Hargrave Military Academy. Cadets pledged not to lie, cheat, or steal. After the formalities concluded, our cadets enjoyed a delicious meal catered by the Sage Foods Staff.

The following Cadets will serve as representatives on this year’s Honor Council.

Bryson Childress - PG
Nathan Kania - Senior Class - Chairman
David Kiesnowski - Senior Class - Chaplain
Bennett Soles - Senior Class - Recorder
Jay Thompson - Junior Class - Co-Chairman
Luke Atkins - Junior Class
David Hubbard - Sophomore

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