This month at the Hargrave Center for Leadership and Ethics

This month at the Hargrave Center for Leadership and Ethics

As we begin the second semester of the 2018-2019 school year, it is an exciting time in the Hargrave Center for Leadership and Ethics as we accept new students into the Foundations of Leadership Course and Exemplary Leadership Practices Course. Each course is a 1/2 credit, semester long course designed to emphasize the basic and advanced leadership skills, knowledge, attributes, and behaviors that can be used in all leadership positions and situations.

In support of Hargrave's Character Across the Campus Program, the curriculum in each course includes character education and development through the use of classroom instruction, practical exercises, group activities and projects, and highlighting Hargrave's 4-week core character trait.

Our current highlighted trait is Faith, which will be discussed and reinforced throughout the campus, to include during Hargrave's Spiritual Emphasis Week. The students will also embark on an introspective journey throughout each course where they will identify their core beliefs and values, create an action plan to achieve one short term goal and write their personal mission statements.

Scott Dooley

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