Local Churches Welcome Cadets

On Sunday, September 8th, the churches of Chatham opened their doors to Hargrave cadets. This was an opportunity for our cadets to connect with the town of Chatham, its people, and its history, as well as to engage with their spiritual lives outside of the Hargrave campus.

In the days leading up to the event, cadets were provided with a list of local churches that they could choose to attend. For the churches nestled within the heart of the Chatham community, cadets marched to the service. For those a bit further out, volunteer staff and faculty members provided transportation for cadets.

Pastor Chuck Warnock of Chatham Baptist Church said “The cadets are always welcome. Today’s visit was great…. We are happy to have cadets anytime.” Faculty member Debra Pugh, who is also a member of Chatham Presbyterian Church, enthused that the cadets “who came to the Presbyterian Church were gentlemen in every sense of the word” and that seeing the cadets at the service thrilled the members.

Upon returning to campus, many cadets expressed their eagerness to attend services next Sunday. Cadet Corey Walker, a Senior, attended Cornerstone Church of Christ and stated that he “had the best visit” and that the church members were very welcoming to the Hargrave cadets. “I felt like the president!”


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