New Furniture in the Academic Learning Center and the Military Lounge

New Furniture in the Academic Learning Center and the Military Lounge

The new furniture in the ALC will provide our cadets with modern, collaborative workspaces. Furnishings include high tables and conference tables with modern amenities, such as built-in charging ports and tearable paper-top tables. In addition, adjustable desks and wobble stools are available to ease cadets through strenuous study sessions in a kinetic environment. We’ve also added circular couches and upholstered chairs with desks and footstools for maximum study-time comfort. The ALC will be an ideal location for our cadets to interact in a contemporary learning center.

The Academic Learning Center (ALC) will be the physical site for addressing a full spectrum of individualized education needs ranging from differentiated learning and assessment to monitoring online coursework for cadets. The ALC will address the needs of the modern learner without losing sight of the traditions that made Hargrave alumni successful: realistic expectations; mentorship; encouraging and recognizing incremental successes. The ultimate goal of the ALC is to empower our students to become independent thinkers and problem solvers.

“Before the furniture was wooden, and now the furniture is futuristic and very comfortable.” — Cadet CPT David Kiesnowski

The military lounge is also getting several upgrades provided by the Hargrave Parent Council: upholstered chairs and sofas as well as high tables and high chairs.

“The new furniture in the military office has me hyped up for the exciting upcoming changes for the 2019-2020 school year. Now, Cadets are able to use the military office as a more comfortable option to study, socialize, and unwind.” — Cadet 1st Lt. Charles Moreno

The new furnishings were all funded through donations. Hargrave Military Academy would like to extend a big thank-you to those that keep Hargrave cadets first in their minds.

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