Overview of Hargrave's Approach to College Admission (1 of 2)

Overview of Hargrave's Approach to College Admission (1 of 2)

Applying to college is "simply" another application of the pillar model used at Hargrave. While some of it is mechanical (starting with small efforts in 9th grade), parts of the process ties into accentuating the academic capabilities, the depth of spiritual life, and the lessons learned on the athletic fields or workout rooms that draw a compelling image of the character and potential of the applicant. It is also an opportunity to apply your own hard-earned knowledge about your academic, spiritual, physical, and character (in finding a like-minded community) towards selecting the "best for him" college.

The process itself is seemingly straightforward:
- Do a self-evaluation
- Research colleges that meet your needs
- Making a draft list of schools that interest you
- Winnow the list of schools
- Apply

But the college admissions process will challenge applicants on multiple levels, from honest discussions about interests to family hopes/dreams/desires to finding the time to facing up to a major life decision. It can be complex, confusing, frustrating, interesting, rewarding, and exhilarating — sometimes all at the same time! Whether an immediate admission to a traditional four-year college or considering one of many other options, the goal for the process is to help cadets find the match that best suits their needs for life-long success.

Jim Tung

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