Weekend Activities

Weekend Activities

On Saturday the families of Captain Lynn, Mr. Eberly and Mr. Erickson took a group of Cadets to the Triangle Rock Club Indoor Rock Climbing Gym in Morrisville, NC. The gym is one of 5 rock climbing gyms owned and operated by Hargrave Alumni Andrew Kratz. It was a fantastic day for the Cadets who were able to get belay certified and then climb the day away on the huge walls that top out at 55ft.

The Cadets increased in skill as the night went on and tried their hand at harder and harder routes. We were all very sore in the morning and were glad they pushed to total exhaustion.

Also on Saturday, Coach Roach chaperoned and took part in the PADI Certification Class. This was the first of two book-work days. This will be followed up with two days in the pool and finally two days in the open water. Upon completion, the Cadets will earn their full lifetime PADI Certification which will allow them to SCUBA dive anywhere in the world.

They also watched the newly released Mission Impossible Fallout. The Cadets love the action-packed fun of the popular Tom Cruise series and relaxed the night away with friends.

On Sunday, Coach Eberly brought in Pizza Hut pizzas. Many of the Cadets chowed down on their pizza while watching playoff football in our newly renovated Game Room.

Also on Sunday, Col. Brown oversaw the weight room. The guys love coming down to get a workout in over the weekend.

We are looking forward to this weekend when we'll be getting together with Chatham Hall Girls School for some activities. Saturday we will go over to Chatham Hall for a Multi-School Social. We do a fair amount of activities with Chatham Hall so this is a great way for the guys to go over and see their friends from across town.

Bill Eberly

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