Sophomore Challenge

Sophomore Challenge

Coach Eberly and Coach Broomell took the Entire Sophomore Class to the Sandy River Adventure Resort for the Annual Sophomore Challenge. It was a fantastic day of Team building, obstacle challenges and high ropes course and zip line fun.

I have been in the adventure world for a long time and I haven't seen anything like this place. We were in the trees for two and a half hours and still didn't complete everything.

It was so much fun and the guys could not stop talking about how much fun it was especially on the black course. The courses were listed from green which was the easiest and I'd say 15 feet off the ground followed by the yellow course which had harder obstacles and I'd say 25 feet off the ground then the blue course which was 35 feet then the black course had really hard obstacles and was a good 45 ft or so off the ground.

Some of the young men did not make it to the black as they were not forced to go any higher than they were comfortable with but most did and had sooooo much fun.

It was a great day that ended with a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings. The Cadets didn't make a sound on the way home as they were exhausted after an energetic day and had full bellies.

Thank you so much to Coach Broomell for going along and not just chaperoning but getting up in the trees and having FUN being Tarzan with me and the guys.

Bill Eberly

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