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Troop 68

Boy Scout Troop 68

Scouting reinforces the values in Hargrave’s mission statement and it is a fun wholesome activity for Hargrave Cadets. For these reasons, Hargrave has maintained an outstanding relationship with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Hargrave’s Troop 68 provides numerous opportunities for Hargrave Cadets in leadership, camaraderie and adventure.

Since 1995, a growing number of Cadets (70 and counting) have earned the Eagle Scout rank. Numerous merit badges can be earned on campus. Merit badges include well-supervised, safe programs in swimming, rifle, camping, hiking and climbing. Involvement in community projects is also readily available based on the interest level of each Scout.

The Scout Oath and Scout Law reinforce Hargrave’s Christian values and morals. By focusing on leadership and character development in our Scouting program, Hargrave guides the development of each individual to greater success later in life.

The single biggest aspect of Hargrave’s Scouting program involves numerous planned, adult supervised camping excursions, camporees, and travel. It is enough to satisfy the curiosity and adventurous spirit in any young man.

New Scouts may enroll at the Academy. Dual enrollment is available for current Scouts without sacrificing loyalty to a home troop. Hargrave's Troop 68 is a chartered member of the Dan River District, Blue Ridge Mountains Council.

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