Junior Retreat

Our TAC cares about us and looks out for us.

— Hoy Kelley, Class of 2021

This off campus retreat helps to prepare our Cadets to become members of the Hargrave Senior Class. The purpose of the retreat is threefold:

  • Fellowship — This is a chance for the Cadets to create fellowship with their classmates, establish roots as a class and to learn more about themselves.
  • Leadership — The Cadets will be participating in team challenge events which force them to work together to accomplish tasks. Each Cadet has the chance to be a leader. They also learn to trust one another. In addition, they will be creating guidelines for the Corps of Cadets for the next year.
  • Spirituality — The entire weekend is sprinkled with spiritual lessons. It gives the Cadets an opportunity to grow in their spiritual and personal life.

The Hargrave faculty, staff and senior Cadet facilitators conduct the retreat for our juniors.

The weekend starts Friday night on campus with fun individual and team building games. Saturday morning begins with a prayer breakfast and travel to the off-campus retreat site for more team-building challenges. Saturday afternoon and evening are filled with activities such as outdoor group challenges, relaxing, a steak dinner, and letters from family and friends.

The Junior Retreat has been a tremendous event in the growth of our young men that impacts not only the students but all the faculty and staff involved.

— Jacqueline Scolpini ’03, ALC Director

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