Triathlon Club

With our amazing Olympic-sized swimming pool and over 200 acres of land, we have the ability to train all-year-round. Swimming occurs for all triathletes who are not enrolled in fall and spring swim conditioning at 5:15–6:15 am Tuesday and Friday. Here one of our swimming coaches designs and implements an individual swim training program for each triathlete, to allow them to be comfortable in the water, to prepare them for the challenges of the swim portion of the race, and to swim the distance. As the seasons change, the training switches from base and endurance training to more speed and triathlon knowledge, including learning how to fix a flat tire, gait analysis for running, and nutrition. Additional training will occur on some weekends by introducing “brick” workouts and training each triathlete how to switch from one athletic discipline to the next. Our goal is to host a triathlon on campus in Spring 2020 and to give the triathletes the opportunity to compete off-campus.

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