Parents Weekend 2021

Parents Weekend is a special time in the academic year at Hargrave. Families from across the country visit campus to meet faculty, coaches, and TAC Officers, while also spending time with their cadets. Families have an opportunity to review their cadets’ overall performance and conduct, celebrate all that they have accomplished to this point in … Read more

What is Structure?

So there I was (every great narrative has to start this way) thinking of all the hard questions I’ve received as the Commandant of Hargrave Military Academy. “Why did my son do that?”, “Why do I have to study _______ subject?”, “Why did that Cadet say that about me?”, “Why do I have to walk … Read more

Military School is Best Fit for High School Students

When researching private boarding schools, some people see “military school” and immediately drop that school to the bottom of the list -when it actually should be placed on the top of the list. Why? Let’s look at several reasons military high school is not only a great choice, but the right choice to prepare boys … Read more

Chatham Love

There is a new LOVEwork mural in our quaint little town of Chatham. Virginia has over 130 LOVEworks throughout the state. Each installation is unique and represents the community that hosts it. When you look at the O, you will see five landmarks of our little town: Chatham Hall (a girls boarding school across town), … Read more

Barracks Room Updates

We recently completed the renovation of room 701 as an example of the vision for all of the barracks rooms in Cosby Hall. Not only was the room painted but a new closet was built, a new sink and vanity installed and new modern furniture was placed in the room. Cadets were excited to see … Read more


What a great turnout this year! Alumni from all over the United States and world traveled back to our little town and to Hargrave Military Academy. Homecoming at Hargrave means a lot more than Homecoming at most schools. It is a time when our alumni come home to reconnect with the family that they worked … Read more

Infirmary Update

We are now getting into the heaviest part of flu season; however, we are thankful that the flu has not yet affected our school. We have seen an increase in the number of colds among the Cadets. We are seeing colds that affect both the upper and lower respiratory tract causing sore throat, fatigue, nasal … Read more

Character Trait of the Month – Faith

On Tuesday we will introduce Faith as our Character Trait for February. Definition: Something that is believed especially with strong conviction; complete trust or confidence in someone or something; strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of … Read more

Featured Faculty – Jacqueline Scolpini

Ms. Scolpini is the Director of the Academic Learning Center, where she works with students who need extra help or need extra challenges. She is also a Hargrave alumna, having grown up at Hargrave from 7th to 12 grade. As a student, she did not have the best study habits and had a hard time … Read more

Parents Update

We have changed our Smugmug photo policy at the suggestion of several Hargrave families. All photos from this school year now have a download button beneath each photo where you can download the full resolution images for free. Please share them on social media (please tag us) and with your friends and family. We are … Read more

Welcome Back Cadets

We are excited to welcome all of our Cadets back from a long, but sometimes not long enough, Christmas break. We hope and pray that all of the Cadets had a restful time of fellowship with their families and are ready for this next long haul until Spring Break. The young men seem energized and … Read more

Parent Survey

Parents, We will be sending out an anonymous survey during Christmas Break. Please take this opportunity to assess your and your cadet’s, experience at Hargrave. We value the information you provide. The responses provided will be used in conjunction with other information to help the Academy evaluate our overall effectiveness. Additionally, your responses may be … Read more