Darlene Paton

Darlene Paton

MAJ Darlene Paton

Center for Integrated Studies Faculty


Ms. Paton has been teaching in a variety of settings for the last sixteen years, including teaching in public schools in Arizona, North Carolina, and Hawaii. While in Hawaii, she was the educator for males ages 12-18 in a community-based residential treatment program.

She has been at Hargrave for over 10 years and teaches english and math to seventh and eighth grader Cadets. She loves teaching both subjects and is certified in both.
The military has always been a part of her life - her father retired from the Army in 1976. After high school graduation, she joined the Marines Corps and later married a marine. She earned her degree in education in 2002 from UNCW. She has two children and four grandchildren.

What I love a Hargrave Military Academy is the sense of community and purpose. We are all here to help these young men grow into their fullest potential - academically, physically, spiritually, and in character. When I see one of my former seventh or eighth graders walk across the stage to receive their diploma, I am so proud to see the men they have become.