Ed Ott

Ed Ott

CPT Ed Ott

Science Faculty

Sports: Varsity Wrestling


Growing up in Alaska, Cpt. Ott learned to appreciate the outdoors and endure severe environments. A childhood electrocution accident inspired him to seek to learn how the universe operates.

A few winning wrestling seasons and some experimentation with gymnastics led him to his first career choice as a stuntman, but using equations learned in an Astrophysics class to create a safe stunt led him to appreciate the application of Physics.

After earning a Physics degree, minor in Chemistry from Sonoma State University he started teaching in inner-city Philadelphia before spending a few years in a therapeutic boarding school for girls.

His experience in the Theater helps him to engage students and maintain short attention spans while many experiences in the wild, hobbies like beekeeping, candle making, and breadmaking, combined with an attitude of creative hands-on learning, provide many opportunities to convert teaching moments into valuable life lessons.

20 years of teaching experience also has provided some fodder for creating lessons that reach beyond the typical curriculum.

I like Hargrave mostly due to the culture of respect for self and others that permeates everything we do. Encouraging spiritual growth in addition to the physical and academic also allows our cadets to stand apart from their public school peers.