Ms. Barbara Loney

She has worked as the Operations Clerk / Transportation Coordinator in the military department for over 13 years.

She is active in attending several school functions such as sports events and chaperoning school trips. Barbara received Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year in 2012. She also was honored by the Yearbook Staff in the dedication of the 2016 Cadence to her.

Barbara wishes everyone knew how great Hargrave is for the young men as well as the community. The excellent quality of the faculty and staff truely helps build the young men into leaders of great character.

She resides in Blairs with her husband and daughter.

The Cadets get structure and discipline and real-life interaction. They learn how to interact with different people, from different walks of life; there are no differences in backgrounds when they are all in the same uniform. To me, I love all of them. I can find no fault in any of them. They sometimes need someone to talk to and just listen to them. The whole place is a family.

Ms. Barbara Loney

The Hargrave Team

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