Portrait of Danny Bunn

Coach Danny Bunn

Danny Bunn is a former Hargrave Post Graduate Football player. Additionally, he is a graduate of Winston-Salem State University with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management and currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Special Education.

Danny brings a remarkable amount of experience to the Hargrave Football Program. In recent years, Danny has served as Defensive-Backs Coach for boarding and public schools, such as Fork Union Military Academy, Cleveland High School, and Simon G. Atkins Academic & Technology High School. When asked about his return to the Hargrave campus, Danny stated “It feels good to be back at Hargrave, it feels like home. I am ready to get to work and I hope the guys can bring the energy.”

"Hargrave is great opportunity for any young man..it helps build character and pride. Being a former alumnus, the structure and discipline truly helped me when I transitioned into college."

— Coach Danny Bunn

The Hargrave Team

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