CPT Luis Zerpa

Captain Zerpa arrived at HMA in 2016. One of his professional goals is to provide effective language learning for his students. This will prepare them better for a life full of exciting experiences.

He is passionate to teach students who are eager to become leaders in their communities. In our ever more diverse, integrated world, mastery of a second language is both life enriching and a professional advantage. He deeply enjoys helping students in their pursuit of such achievement.

He is originally from Venezuela. He studied law and became a lawyer and also did a masters in Civil Law. After moving to the United States, he chose to follow my natural inclination for teaching. He now has over 19 years of teaching experience in the prep school world. He is well versed in traditional and modern pedagogical techniques. He have worked hard at improving his craft and intends to remain focused on continuing to evolve as an effective educator.

I enjoy impacting the life of my students by integrating into the curriculum current events and showing them that through hard work and effort, they too can make a difference in their communities.

CPT Luis Zerpa

The Hargrave Team

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