Mrs. Patricia Baker

Nurse Baker graduated from nursing school with her BSN in Pennsylvania and has over 28 years of nursing experience. She started off her career working in an organ transplant unit in Philadelphia where she stayed for 10 years. From there her nursing journey took her to an outpatient surgical center where she was promoted to Nursing Director.

In 2013 her family decided to move to Virginia to get away from the busy city life. This is when her next chapter in nursing began at Hargrave Military Academy. Working with the boys has been a rewarding experience for Trish as she gets to see them start here as young boys often afraid of being away from home for the first time and growing into young men walking proud with their heads held high on graduation day.

Many boys look towards me as their mom away from home. Making them feel better physically and mentally is what makes working here so fulfilling.

Mrs. Patricia Baker

The Hargrave Team

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