CPT RJ Reich

Born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Growing up, he was entrenched in education as both a student and the son (and grandson) of teachers, which gave him a little more insight into the work, lifestyle, and benefits of a career in education. It also created an appreciation for teachers in grade school and beyond and really opened his eyes to the long term impact an educator who sincerely goes that extra mile for their students.

When Captain Reich was in 7th grade, his future in education was set as he encountered one of those teachers who really went above and beyond and cultivated my interest in social studies and the philosophy behind why he sincerely believe that learning about the past is immeasurably critical to successfully forging our way forward as a civilization.

He took that interest in history with him into his undergraduate years at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland – it being fitting to achieve his Bachelors Degree in History at a school old enough to claim to be the only school President George Washington was still alive to personally grant his namesake to.

While there, he became a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity – sticking to the historical trend as this brotherhood is one of, if not the oldest and largest Greek life organizations in the United States (having deep ties to the University of Virginia in Charlottesville).

As a part of this organization, much like for the cadets at Hargrave Military Academy, he formed life long friendships, learned the value of hard work, and came to appreciate the concept of self-less service.

After college he spent four years at Carson Long Military Academy in New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania as a social studies instructor, TAC Officer, and Track and Field coach until the summer of 2018 when that academy – one of the oldest in the entire country – closed its doors after over 200 years.

Partly into the 2018-19 school year he joined the faculty of Hargrave Military Academy, picked up roots (and his rotten Shepherd Terry) in Pennsylvania and moved down to southern Virginia to start a new journey in his social studies teaching career – and he couldn’t be happier!

Hargrave's supportive atmosphere offers options for success and is geared towards cultivating growth of responsible young men

CPT RJ Reich

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