Amanda Weishaar

Coach Amanda Weishaar

Amanda Weishaar received her Associate Degree from Cloud County Community College and a Bachelor Degree from Fort Hays State University.

Amanda Weishaar is a native of West Germany. She joined the British Royal Navy at 16 years old. While in the Navy, she trained as a Marine Engineering Mechanic; served on HMS Invincible, HMS Intrepid, and HMS Endurance; played soccer for the women’s combined services; received the Captain’s Commendation for the prevention of a Machinery Space Fire on HMS Endurance; and was awarded the NATO Peacekeeping Medal. Amanda served in the British Royal Navy for seven years before being medically discharged as a Leading Marine Engineering Mechanic.

She then went on to gain training as a Yachtmaster and Bareboat Coordinator before deciding to move to the United States. Once Amanda arrived in the United States she volunteered at a YMCA as a swim instructor and lead instructor of after-school swimming programs, became a qualified lifeguard, completed 3 Half Ironman distance events, and received her high school diploma (the British School System does not have a graduation requirement, therefore, she never received a physical diploma).

Since starting at Hargrave, Amanda has become a certified American Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructor, ARC First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor, Pool Operator, USA Swimming Admin Official, and USA Swimming Coach. She was also awarded the VIC Coach of the Year.

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