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Six cadets and flight instructor standing in front of plane.

Aeronautics Program

In partnership with Averett University and their FAA-approved Part 141 flight school, Hargrave Military Academy is proud to announce the return of its flight program. Cadets participating in the Hargrave-Averett Aeronautics Partnership will complete ground school and flight lab (two college credit courses, AV112 and AV113) and progress through the “solo flight” stage.


  • On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, enrolled cadets would leave campus immediately after Block 2 or 5 (1:30 PM) to attend class on Averett’s Main Campus.
  • Cadets return to campus NLT 4:15 PM to participate in sports unless flight time has been scheduled.
  • The Hargrave academic day schedule will determine flight times.
    • Flights are contingent on weather and available aircraft (Averett has 12).
    • Cadets will be partnered whenever possible so that while a cadet may be at the controls, a second or third will also be aboard the aircraft to maximize their experience and minimize separate trips to the airport.
    • Flights begin at 0700 (0630 required arrival for preflight) and continue to 1930 as needed.

Impact on Transcript

  • The two Averett courses are treated the same as our other dual enrollment courses (college courses that also count as high school credits).
  • The Hargrave schedule (and course transcript) will indicate that the cadet is in two courses: Flight 1/DE (1.0 credit) and Private Pilot Ground School (0.5 credit).
  • The Averett instructor will provide a grade for Flight 1 (equivalent to AV113) and Private Pilot Ground School (equivalent to AV112).


  • Parent Permission
  • FAA Medical Certificate / Exam
  • Evidence of academic potential, good character, leadership potential, and commitment to the Hargrave community
    • In good disciplinary standing; eligible to assume a leadership position within the Corps of Cadets.
    • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater, and the equivalent of a PSAT10, SAT, or ACT score of the 50th percentile or higher, consistent with the requirements for admission at Averett.
    • Permission of Sports Coach if the Cadet wishes to participate in Fall competitive sports.
  • Completion of the following courses with a grade of B or higher:
    • Three credits of High School Math
    • Two credits of High School English if one of the two is American Lit (Honors English 10) or Three credits of non-honors High School English
    • Two credits of High School science

Projected Cost

The costs outlined below reflect a “typical” path to solo flight and are subject to change based on individual competency and progression through the program. If the actual fees are less than the course fee listed below, the student may continue to fly (working toward their private pilot license) or receive a refund. If additional flight time is needed to complete training, parents can add money to their cadet’s flight account. Additional fees apply for transportation and medical exams.

AV112 Private Pilot Ground School – $500.00

Includes FAA knowledge exam fee and all books and materials

AV113 Private Pilot Flight I – $5,080.00

Includes 50+ combined hours of briefings, simulator, flight instruction, and airplane time

Academic Tuition Cost (4 Credits): $ 1,729.00

Transport & Medical Exam – $300

Program Total – $ 7,609.00