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FLIK Independent School Dining is pleased to be a part of the Hargrave Military Academy community. We operate over 265 private and independent day and boarding schools nationwide, throughout 34 states. As a culinary driven organization from inception, FLIK’s focus has always been cooking from fresh, whole foods and using quality ingredients. Our mission is to provide wholesome, nutritious meals that fuel the minds of our campus communities, each day.



The on-site chef creates menus with local/regional flavors and ingredients. They receive guidance, training and suggestions for on-trend, innovative ideas from a central FLIK culinary, nutrition and marketing team.

  • Dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients. Frozen, canned, and processed foods are limited.
  • Food is displayed in small portions and replenished frequently.
  • Great presentation is emphasized to encourage participation and healthy eating.
  • We partner with a variety of vendors to prioritize local, sustainable, and responsibly sourced ingredients.
  • Menus reflect diverse needs to accommodate a variety of preferences and special dietary needs.


Contact Information:

Nelson Rich, Chef Manager 
email: [email protected]

The Hargrave Dining Services boasts a perfect Health Inspection score for the past 5 years.

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