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Group of cadets in the ALC doing homework.

Middle School

Hargrave’s Middle School, serving grades seven through nine, is a unique learning environment with a singular purpose; to accentuate boys’ strengths and help them to excel academically and socially by providing a robust support system.

Our Middle School is a tight-knit community of academic, athletic, and residential staff who are invested in his success and meet weekly to assess progress and proactively address issues that may arise with young teenage boys. This group works together to help build academic aptitude, nurture self-confidence, and instill a passion for self-improvement.

Program Highlights

  • Cross-curricular projects and assignments (integration of all core classes).
  • Tailored “How to Study” program that addresses the specific learning needs and challenges of the young teenager.
  • Regularly scheduled extracurriculars, coordinated with current class lessons (Drama, Robotics, Lego League, Debate, etc.)
  • Consistent grading formulas, etiquette training, and discipline plans used by all Middle School team members.
  • Limited access to electronics throughout the week.
  • Limited unstructured interactions with older, upper-school cadets.
    • All core classes in a single building.
    • Separate dorms from older cadets.
    • Dedicated lounge area.

Cross-Curricular and Extracurricular Trips

Small Group

• Appomattox Court House
• International Civil Rights Museum/Woolworth Counter
• National D-Day Memorial
• Museum of Transportation
• American Shakespeare Theater
• Richmond Symphony

Large Group

• Colonial Williamsburg
• Historic Jamestown
• Washington D.C.
• Monticello
• Natural Bridge & Safari Park