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Group of cadets saluting.


Hargrave uses the military model for three distinct reasons: organization, structure, and discipline. Our Corps of Cadets is organized like a military unit to create efficiency in daily activities, facilitate teamwork, and build cohesion.

There is no military service expectation for Hargrave graduates.

The military structure defines roles and responsibilities, provides leadership opportunities, and encourages decision-making by Cadets. The military model also provides a clear set of rewards for exceptional performance and consequences when standards are not met. A Cadet can reach their full potential by developing their leadership skills, meeting and exceeding standards, and being challenged to do their best in and outside the classroom.

Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger is a multi-skilled, 20 hour long event designed to test each Cadet’s teamwork ability, physical and mental endurance, problem-solving skills, and Sisu (Norwegian for “grit”). Traditionally, Eye of the Tiger is held over a weekend in March. The Eye of the Tiger badge and patch are worn on Cadet uniforms to signify membership in this elite fraternity. The Eye of the Tiger Challenge is one of the toughest gut checks a young man will participate in.

Schedule of Events

  • Obstacle Course
  • Fitness Test (crunches, pullups, run)
  • Trail Run
  • Wilderness Survival Skills
  • Ruck March
  • Written Test
  • Combat Fitness Test
  • Night Operations (Escape and Evasion)
  • Keep in Mind Test
  • Uniform Inspection
  • Water Survival Skills
  • Warriors’ Breakfast