Who We Are

Hargrave is a school where boys strengthen their faith, build their character, learn to lead, and realize their full potential. The Hargrave graduate goes on to be a leader in his home, his church, and his community. 

Who We Are Not

Hargrave is not a reform school.

Hargrave is not a one-year fix.

Hargrave is not a punishment or a replacement for parental involvement.

Despite current circumstances, Hargrave cadets are still safely receiving in-person instruction and experiential education that will prepare them for lifelong success.

Is your son ready?

The born leader is a fiction invented by ‘born followers’. Leadership is not a gift at birth; it is an award for growing to full moral stature. It is the only prize that a man must win everyday. The prize is the respect of others, earned by the disciplines that generate self-respect.

Colonel Wheeler Baker

Character Matters Here

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