Hargrave Athletics

A campus for boys

Athletic Facilities

  • Olympic Sized Pool
  • Historic Walter Davis Gym
  • Baseball Field
  • Grant Multipurpose Gym
  • Weight Room
  • Football/Soccer/Lacrosse Field
  • Outdoor Track
  • Cross Country Course
  • Outdoor Obstacle Courses
  • Indoor Rifle Range
  • Tennis Center
  • Trap Range
  • Paintball Field
  • Climbing Tower

Hargrave Coaches

1-434-432-2481 x 2690
1-434-432-2481 x 2120
1-434-432-2481 x 2682
1-434-432-2481 x 2190
1-434-432-2481 x 2190
1-434-432-2481 x 2681
1-434-432-2481 x 2686
1-434-432-2481 x 2170
Science & Mathematics Faculty
Richard Phillips

Varsity Golf & Varsity Football

1-434-432-2481 x 2172
Registrar; Soccer Head Coach; Track Head Coach
Jeremy Eubank

Varsity Soccer & Varsity Track & Field

1-434-432-2481 x 2574
Science Faculty
Ed Ott

Varsity Wrestling

NCAA & Diploma Requirements

The National College Athletic Association (NCAA) has determined that Hargrave Military Academy has passed its requirement for initial-eligibility certification of the Academy's core courses and graduation requirements. The NCAA notified Hargrave of their decision in a letter dated July 3, 2006.

Information for College Athletes

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