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Apply to Hargrave

Admissions Acceptance Criteria

Hargrave is a college preparatory school. As such, the academy seeks and encourages applicants whose goal is to pursue higher education, who perform successfully in an environment where high standards of conduct and character are expected, and who will abide by the academy’s Honor Code. Successful applicants will demonstrate the character and moral fitness necessary to excel at an all-boys military school and be willing to attend and actively participate.

Application Process

Your privacy is important to us. All conversations, documents, and interviews submitted for your application are treated as confidential and become the property of the school. The student interview is also held in strict confidence, accessible only by relevant school personnel.

Create Your Account

Visit our online application and select “Create an Account” in the right column, then click the green “Begin admissions process” button.

Submit Application

Submit personal and academic information for your son.

Application Fee

Submit your $75 application fee ($150 for international). The application fee covers the processing of your admission application and your financial aid application.

Speak With an Admissions Counselor

An admissions counselor will contact you to discuss your initial application and assist you with obtaining references and scheduling an interview.

Academic References

Submit transcripts or report cards, a confidential Principal evaluation form, and two confidential current English(1) and Math (1) teacher evaluation forms.

Student Interview

Schedule an interview for your son with the admissions team.

Hargrave is an excellent choice for families hoping to set their son on the path to lifelong success. If you’re not yet ready to apply, but would like additional information about Hargrave, please submit an inquiry.

Please contact the Admissions Office if you need printable copies of any of the application documents.