President’s Welcome

Welcome to Hargrave Military Academy, an institution with a century-long legacy of excellence. Since 1909, our academy has been committed to guiding young men toward personal growth, academic success, and leadership development. The traditions and values upheld by Hargrave are etched into the fabric of our school, as is our history of preparing young men to face the challenges of the future with honor, integrity, and resilience.

While steeped in history, Hargrave also looks to the future, ensuring that our cadets are prepared to lead in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly evolving world. Our curriculum is strategically designed to incorporate the latest approaches and technological advancements, offering our students the skills they need to excel in their chosen paths. Balancing time-honored traditions with forward-thinking education, Hargrave stands as a beacon of excellence, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of their futures.

Eric Peterson
Hargrave Military Academy

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