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Hargrave Supporting Principles

College Prep

Offer a comprehensive program of college preparatory studies that sets a foundation of knowledge for lifelong learning.


Encourage creative abilities in drama, music, writing, and other co-curricular programs.


Build habits in study, self-discipline, and time management practices that pave the road for success beyond Hargrave.


Establish a structured schedule that allows enough time for study, athletics, recreation, rest, and spiritual growth.


Provide opportunities for physical development and to teach sportsmanship through team sports, intramural programs, and recreational activities.


Foster an environment in which students respect others regardless of their socio-economic background, racial or ethnic identity, gender, political viewpoint, or religion.


Maintain a military program that provides organization, structure, routine, discipline system, and leadership opportunities to challenge and develop Cadets’ potential.


Help students develop their individual potential and gain self-confidence through an appropriate recognition of achievements.


Provide faith development through individual prayer opportunities, voluntary participation in Bible study, dedicated devotion time, and access to spiritually-based extracurricular activities.


Develop in the students an appreciation for and understanding of the American democratic process.

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