The Hargrave Summer Experience Starts July 6. Secure Your Spot Today!

Two cadets smiling at the camera in front of the main building.

Summer Experience

Welcome to the 2024 Hargrave Summer Experience – where education and activities intersect to create an unforgettable adventure. Our newly revamped program is more than just a summer camp; it’s an experience tailored to boys and the ways in which they learn and grow into young men.

  • Saturday, July 6 – Saturday, August 3, 2024
  • All Boys
  • Rising 7th–12th Graders
  • Boarding or Day
  • Open to current students and students new to Hargrave

Embrace Adventure – Apply Now.

Multidisciplinary Learning and Real-World Applications

Our curriculum is designed to engage and challenge. With thematic units culminating in hands-on fieldwork, students will gain practical experience in STEM and liberal arts. Whether it’s a river survey integrating biology and environmental science or exploring the historical significance of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy, our approach ensures a rich, multidisciplinary learning experience for your son.

The Four Pillar Approach

Our unique Four Pillar Approach ensures a blend of meaningful learning, character building, physical fitness, and spiritual development, culminating in a rich, purposeful summer experience.

  • Project-Based Learning: Explore diverse topics and activities tailored to weekly themes.
  • Supplemental Learning: Learning extends beyond classrooms into enriching off-campus fieldwork and activities designed to enrich knowledge through practical applications.
  • Master Classes: Enhance skills in communication, writing, and math.
  • Leadership Seminars: Learn from workshops focused on leadership and military studies.
  • Military Field Events: Experience Hargrave’s military traditions and practical exercises through various field activities.
  • Etiquette Training: Master social graces with etiquette class and family-style dinners.
  • Physical Activity: Start mornings with invigorating physical training sessions.
  • Sports Camp: Participate in sports from Monday to Thursday.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Explore Virginia’s natural beauty through hiking and visits to popular recreational destinations.
  • Bible Study and Devotionals: Engage in weekly Bible studies and evening devotionals.
  • Chapel Services: Attend Sunday evening chapel and optional community services.

Boarding School Life: A Preview

For many, our summer program is the first taste of boarding school life. It’s an opportunity to experience the hands-on educational programs and camaraderie parents want for their sons.

Sample Daily Schedule

6:30 AMWake UpWake UpWake UpWake UpWake UpWake Up
7:00 AMPhysical ActivityPhysical ActivityPhysical ActivityPhysical ActivityPhysical ActivityPhysical Activity
7:20 AMMess I / HygieneMess I / HygieneMess I / HygieneMess I / HygieneMess I / HygieneMess I / Hygiene
8:25 AMClass: Architecture of MonticelloClass: Early Virginia HistoryClass: Architecture of MonticelloClass: Early Virginia HistoryField EventExtension Class: Trip to MonticelloReveille
9:25 AMBreakBreakBreakBreakField EventExtension Class: Trip to MonticelloFormation
9:30 AMClass: Math SkillsClass: EtiquetteClass: Math SkillsClass: EtiquetteField EventExtension Class: Trip to MonticelloOptional Off-Campus Church
10:30 AMBreakBreakBreakBreakField EventExtension Class: Trip to MonticelloBrunch
10:35 AMClass: Foreign LanguagesClass: The Declaration of IndependenceClass: Foreign LanguagesClass: The Declaration of IndependenceBreakExtension Class: Trip to MonticelloBrunch
11:35 AMFormationFormationFormationFormationFormationUVA Picnic
11:45 AMLunchLunchLunchLunchLunchUVA Picnic
12:50 PMActivity: KickballActivity: Board GamesActivity: JujitsuActivity: ArtExtension Class: Natural Bridge(Return)On-Campus Activities
1:50 PMBreakBreakBreakBreakBreak(Return)
1:55 PMFlex Class: Jefferson’s GardenFlex Class: Military TimeFlex Class: Food at MonticelloFlex Class: Chapel / Bible StudyExtension Class: Natural Bridge(Return)On-Campus Activities
2:55 PMBreakBreakBreakBreakBreakBreak
3:00 PMReflectionReflectionReflectionReflectionPoolClubs
4:00 PMTransition TimeTransition TimeTransition TimeTransition TimePoolClubs
5:00 PMDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerEtiquette DinnerFree Time / ClubsChapel
6:00 PMSportsSportsSportsSportsEtiquette DinnerDinnerDinner
7:55 PMHygiene TimeHygiene TimeHygiene TimeHygiene TimeHygiene TimeHygiene Time
8:35 PMRes LifeRes LifeRes LifeRes LifeRes LifeRes Life
9:35 PMDevotionalDevotionalDevotionalDevotionalDevotionalDevotionalDevotional
10:00PMLights OutLights OutLights OutLights OutLights OutLights OutLights Out