Two cadets smiling at the camera in front of the main building.

Summer Experience

Welcome to the 2024 Hargrave Summer Experience – where education and activities intersect to create an unforgettable adventure. Our newly revamped program is more than just a summer camp; it’s an experience tailored to boys and the ways in which they learn and grow into young men.

  • Saturday, July 6 – Saturday, August 3, 2024
  • All Boys
  • Rising 7th–12th Graders
  • Boarding or Day
  • Open to current students and students new to Hargrave

Embrace Adventure – Apply Now.

Multidisciplinary Learning and Real-World Applications

Our curriculum is designed to engage and challenge. With thematic units culminating in hands-on fieldwork, students will gain practical experience in STEM and liberal arts. Whether it’s a river survey integrating biology and environmental science or exploring the historical significance of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy, our approach ensures a rich, multidisciplinary learning experience for your son.

The Four Pillar Approach

Our unique Four Pillar Approach ensures a blend of meaningful learning, character building, physical fitness, and spiritual development, culminating in a rich, purposeful summer experience.

  • Project-Based Learning: Explore diverse topics and activities tailored to weekly themes.
  • Supplemental Learning: Learning extends beyond classrooms into enriching off-campus fieldwork and activities designed to enrich knowledge through practical applications.
  • Master Classes: Enhance skills in communication, writing, and math.
  • Leadership Seminars: Learn from workshops focused on leadership and military studies.
  • Military Field Events: Experience Hargrave’s military traditions and practical exercises through various field activities.
  • Etiquette Training: Master social graces with etiquette class and family-style dinners.
  • Physical Activity: Start mornings with invigorating physical training sessions.
  • Sports Camp: Participate in sports from Monday to Thursday.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Explore Virginia’s natural beauty through hiking and visits to popular recreational destinations.
  • Bible Study and Devotionals: Engage in weekly Bible studies and evening devotionals.
  • Chapel Services: Attend Sunday evening chapel and optional community services.

Boarding School Life: A Preview

For many, our summer program is the first taste of boarding school life. It’s an opportunity to experience the hands-on educational programs and camaraderie parents want for their sons.

Sample Daily Schedule

6:30 AMWake UpWake UpWake UpWake UpWake UpWake Up
7:00 AMPhysical ActivityPhysical ActivityPhysical ActivityPhysical ActivityPhysical ActivityPhysical Activity
7:20 AMMess I / HygieneMess I / HygieneMess I / HygieneMess I / HygieneMess I / HygieneMess I / Hygiene
8:25 AMClass: Architecture of MonticelloClass: Early Virginia HistoryClass: Architecture of MonticelloClass: Early Virginia HistoryField EventExtension Class: Trip to MonticelloReveille
9:25 AMBreakBreakBreakBreakField EventExtension Class: Trip to MonticelloFormation
9:30 AMClass: Math SkillsClass: EtiquetteClass: Math SkillsClass: EtiquetteField EventExtension Class: Trip to MonticelloOptional Off-Campus Church
10:30 AMBreakBreakBreakBreakField EventExtension Class: Trip to MonticelloBrunch
10:35 AMClass: Foreign LanguagesClass: The Declaration of IndependenceClass: Foreign LanguagesClass: The Declaration of IndependenceBreakExtension Class: Trip to MonticelloBrunch
11:35 AMFormationFormationFormationFormationFormationUVA Picnic
11:45 AMLunchLunchLunchLunchLunchUVA Picnic
12:50 PMActivity: KickballActivity: Board GamesActivity: JujitsuActivity: ArtExtension Class: Natural Bridge(Return)On-Campus Activities
1:50 PMBreakBreakBreakBreakBreak(Return)
1:55 PMFlex Class: Jefferson’s GardenFlex Class: Military TimeFlex Class: Food at MonticelloFlex Class: Chapel / Bible StudyExtension Class: Natural Bridge(Return)On-Campus Activities
2:55 PMBreakBreakBreakBreakBreakBreak
3:00 PMReflectionReflectionReflectionReflectionPoolClubs
4:00 PMTransition TimeTransition TimeTransition TimeTransition TimePoolClubs
5:00 PMDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerEtiquette DinnerFree Time / ClubsChapel
6:00 PMSportsSportsSportsSportsEtiquette DinnerDinnerDinner
7:55 PMHygiene TimeHygiene TimeHygiene TimeHygiene TimeHygiene TimeHygiene Time
8:35 PMRes LifeRes LifeRes LifeRes LifeRes LifeRes Life
9:35 PMDevotionalDevotionalDevotionalDevotionalDevotionalDevotionalDevotional
10:00PMLights OutLights OutLights OutLights OutLights OutLights OutLights Out