Summer Program

Our Summer Program is open to current students and students new to Hargrave. Many families use our Summer Program to try out life at boarding school. Students take classes in the morning followed by sports and activities like Leadership Challenge or High Adventure in the afternoon. Our daily schedule is below.

Parents and students choose the Hargrave summer experience because Hargrave’s Summer Program is built on the same character-building standards as our academic year. We focus on academic growth as well as outdoor challenges for all students. The Academy’s structure provides the backbone for each day, keeping students on task, on target and engaged.

Character Matters Here

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Summer Program Daily Schedule

6:00 AMReveille/Morning Preparation
6:25 AMMorning Formation / Breakfast (Mess I)
Day Student Arrival
7:30–9:30 AMBlock I Academic Course
9:30–9:45 AMBlock I Individual Instruction (IIT) / Unsatisfactory Homework Makeup
9:45–10:00 AMMorning Break
10:00–12:00 PMBlock II Academic Course
12:00–12:15 PMBlock II Individual Instruction (IIT) / Unsatisfactory Homework Makeup
12:25 PMLunch Formation / Lunch (Mess II)
1:30–2:15 PMBlock II Academic Course
2:20–3:00 PMBlock I Academic Course
3:20 PMSports Formation
3:30–5:00 PMSports or Activities Camps
5:00 PMDay Student Departure
Free Time, Swim Call or Extra Duty
6:00 PMSupper Formation / Supper (Mess III)
7:20 PMRecall / Prepare for Study Hall
7:30–9:00 PMStudy Hall
9:00–9:30 PMOn Barracks (Dorm)
9:30 PMTAPS (Lights Out)

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