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Front of Camden Hall

Dr. Mariska Cadogon

Former Director, Academic Learning Center

Dr. Mariska Cadogon is a native of Danville, Virginia and was educated in the public schools until accepting a scholarship from the National Institutes of Health. This funding was granted to Bennett College for Women where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Some years later Dr. Cadogon pursued a career in holistic healthcare at New York Chiropractic College becoming a chiropractic physician. Throughout her career as a chiropractor, Dr. Cadogon was a post-secondary educator in northern Virginia while also practicing in Washington, DC and Maryland. She professes a love for education since childhood when she and her sister often played school and found joy in having their very own year-round education curriculum. Dr. Cadogon has nearly 15 years of experience in secondary and post-secondary science education because of her time in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina as well as the Danville Public Schools here in Virginia. Before joining the Hargrave family, she was the chairperson of the George Washington High School Science department where she enjoyed success as a premier team builder. Seeking to increase her influence in education by closely supporting teachers and students alike, Dr. Cadogon has come to Hargrave with an upbeat attitude and a can-do spirit. She is married with one son, 8-year old Jace, who she hopes will one day be a Hargrave graduate. Dr. Cadogon holds dear the pillars upon which Hargrave stands and strives to model them in her family and career.