Front of Camden Hall

SFC Steve Blevins, USA (Ret)

SFC Steven Blevins is a proud Retired U.S Army Soldier, where he served 20 years on active-duty in the following positions: Tank Driver, Tank Loader, Tank Gunner, Tank Commander, and Section Leader, as well as Recruiter, Recruiting Station commander, and Recruiting training NCO.

As the Recruiting Station Commander his duties involved the details of preparing future Soldiers for the military lifestyle, by providing direction, purpose, and motivation.

I believe in what Hargrave stands for. I highly support the organization because I also believe in our youth. Character and Discipline are key components to being successful with anything that you have to do. This organization not only assists with character and discipline development, it places great emphasis on why these traits are so important to each individual here. Leadership is groomed over a period of time, in which each Cadet can develop his leadership skills and style. These programs allow mistakes to be made so that they can learn from them. I believe in the power of our youth and want to add to who they already are. Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes it permanent.

— SFC Steve Blevins, USA (Ret)