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September 13, 2023

News & Updates from the Hargrave Community

Founders’ Day

Wednesday, September 6, marked a special day for Hargrave. Founders’ Day is a cherished tradition that celebrates the school’s rich history and the visionaries who established it. On this special day, Cadets, faculty, and staff come together to honor the founders’ legacy through various activities. As the Cadets form up on Company Street, President Eric Peterson addresses the Corps with the importance of the day and the reading of the Founders’ Day Proclamation. After recognizing the oldest and youngest Cadets, a cake is presented, and those two Cadets are served the first pieces. The Corps then marches to the Obstacle Course, where they enjoy bagged lunches before the competitive events begin. Founders’ Day serves as a reminder of the Academy’s values and the enduring spirit of its founders, fostering a deep sense of pride and connection among the Hargrave community.

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Never Forget

For the 18th year, Dan River Middle School held a special memorial service to honor the nearly 3,000 lives lost on 9/11. The keynote speaker, Sgt. 1st Class Dustin Dickens with the Virginia National Guard, and a graduate of Dan River High School, recalled exactly where he was on that tragic day. He came to the conclusion, “I will no longer put myself first.” That day was the deciding factor in launching his military career. Medals and cards were presented to guests of honor including military veterans, elected officials, and public safety workers. Many Hargrave Cadets were present for the program, where MSgt Tyler Selden and Pipe Major Devin Abrams played a rendition of Amazing Grace on the bagpipes for the nearly 450 attendees. Although no Hargrave cadet was alive on September 11, 2001, understanding the events of that day and how America united in the face of tragedy is crucial. It serves as a reminder of the importance of resilience, unity, and pride for our nation. Never forget.

2023/2024 Beta Club Officers

President – Phoenix Johnson ’24

Vice President – Archie Hooper ’25

Secretary – Stephen Yang ’24

Treasurer – Vance Hooper ’24

Chaplin – Kelsten Hudson ’25

Football Team Defeats Roanoke Spartans

Friday, August 25, marked the beginning of the season for the Hargrave Football team. The team came together just 20 days prior to kickoff and managed to pull off a win of 31-14 at home against the Roanoke Spartans. Alex Turner ’24, Ashton Hammock ’25, and Tae Barbour ’24 all had touchdowns. Hargrave’s defense created several turnovers on downs by digging in and making plays when it mattered most. The Corps of Cadets roared with unwavering support as they cheered their brothers to victory.


Integrity – An Essential Trait for Leaders 

“Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity, and sound speech that cannot be condemned, so that an opponent may be put to shame, having nothing evil to say about us.”  (Titus 2:7-8, ESV)

The Bible speaks of integrity often, and when it does, it conveys a variety of ideas – wholeness, fullness, innocence and incorruptibility, soundness, and sincerity. These biblical images of integrity form the foundation of good character. Similarly, the Bible shows sound character to be essential for leaders. 

In the New Testament, Paul writes to his proteges and young leaders in the church, Timothy and Titus, to tend carefully to their own character. In Titus 2:7-8, Paul reminds Titus that, as a young leader, he is to be a model of good works, full of integrity and dignity, and above reproach. Titus is to be the kind of man that no one can (honestly) say anything evil about. Titus is to be a man who exemplifies biblical integrity. 

Paul also admonishes them to consider character as a key requirement as they appoint leaders in the church (see I Tim. 3:2-7, and Titus 1:6-9). Most of Paul’s requirements for leadership make perfect sense. No one would want to follow an undisciplined leader, a greedy and selfish leader, or a leader who leads by violence and intimidation. Others may seem odd to us. Who among us would have included hospitality? Yet, there is wisdom in Paul’s instruction – hospitality softens hearts and builds bridges. What leader couldn’t benefit from that? 

It is also safe to say that Paul emphasizes character over ability. Paul isn’t saying that ability is irrelevant to leadership, but it is subservient to character. A leader of ability without character is poison, while a leader of character serves and builds up others.

Paul requires leaders to be characterized by integrity – leaders who are whole, sound, sincere, innocent, and incorruptible. Paul’s standards are certainly high, but they aren’t extraordinary. None of these traits are beyond any of us – with God’s help and some diligence on our part.

As we consider the character trait of integrity this month, let’s remember Paul’s charge to the leaders of the church. May our young men be leaders of integrity who are humble, dignified, not quarrelsome or violent, upright, lovers of good, respectable, self-disciplined, and, yes, hospitable. In short, young men who love God and who love their neighbors as much as they love themselves. Leaders of integrity are the kind of leadership the world needs.

2023 College Fair

PG Basketball Skills Clinic

Multi-day & sibling discounts are available. Contact Ben Veshi at [email protected] to register.

All Event Times Listed Below are Eastern Standard Time

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 19: 7 pm – Hargrave Parent Town Hall
Meeting ID: 849 8933 4086 Passcode: 1909

Saturday, September 23: 9 am – Weekend of Service

Parents Weekend

Friday, October 6:
Cookout with Cadets & Families 5:30 pm
Meet the Tigers PG Basketball 7:00 pm

Saturday, October 7:
Parade 11:00 am
Varsity Soccer vs. Carlisle 1:30 pm
Varsity Football vs. SMLCA 2:00 pm

Athletic Events

9.15.23 JV Soccer @ Blue Ridge (St. George, VA) 4:30 pm

9.15.23 Varsity Soccer @ FUMA (Fork Union, VA) 4:00 pm

9.16.23 Football @ Fredericksburg Christian (Fredericksburg, VA) 6:00 pm

9.19.23 JV Soccer @ North Cross (Roanoke, VA) 4:30 pm

9.19.23 Varsity Soccer vs. New Covenant (Home) 4:30 pm

9.20.23 Cross Country @ North Cross (Roanoke, VA) 5:00 pm

9.22.23 Football vs. Fishburne (Home) 7:00 pm

9.23.23 Cross Country @ Chatham 5k (Chatham, VA) 9:30 am

9.25.23 JV Soccer vs. North Cross (Home) 4:30 pm

9.27.23 Varsity Soccer @ North Cross (Roanoke, VA) 4:30 pm

Enroll for the Fall

We are still enrolling for the Fall semester! If you’re considering enrolling or would like to refer a family, contact an admissions counselor at 434.432.2481 or [email protected].