Parent Referrals

Parent Referral Incentive Program

Do you know a student who would be perfect for Hargrave?

Hargrave offers a tuition discount of $1,000 for each new enrolled boarding student that a current family refers ($500 for each new enrolled day student), provided the referring family stays in good standing with the school.

For second semester boarding enrollees, there will be a $500 tuition discount; for second semester day student enrollees there will be a $250 discount.


  1. Reach out to friends and family that have a child who meets Hargrave’s standards and would be a positive contributor to the Corps.
  2. Share your positive experience with the school and encourage the new prospective family to reach out to the Admissions Office.
  3. If the new prospective family chooses to apply, there will be a section on the application regarding a family referral- this section must be filled out to include your name in order to receive credit.
  4. If the new family elects to enroll their son and they remain in good standing, the tuition discount will be applied to your final payment of the current school year!

Some important items of note:

The family referral section on the application must be completed at the time of submission. No retroactive credits will be awarded.

Credit will be issued on the final payment of the current school year, and the new student must remain in good standing.

This is a one-time tuition discount, and will not roll over into future years.

Immediate family members do not qualify for a credit.

The limit for the number of credits one family can receive is 30, which would result in a $30,000 tuition discount for the current year. Get out there and start spreading the word!