At the heart of every Hargrave story is transformation.  In many cases, there is a story of second chances, the story of boys who were lost, hurting, struggling; boys who needed extra help to realize their vast potential.  For many, Hargrave has been a place of rebirth. Hargrave did not give up on boys who believed in her mission and believed in themselves.  

Today, some alumni speak of Hargrave as if it is a lost cause.  They have lost hope and stopped supporting her mission.  This is the making of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Hargrave has weathered many storms because her sons and daughters believed in her mission and rose to the occasion.  They believed in Hargrave because they remembered what Hargrave had done for them.  To this day, the mission is being accomplished and transforming today’s cadets into future leaders, just as Hargrave did in the past.

The challenges Hargave has faced in recent years do not constitute a terminal problem.  Hargrave is strong because its mission has never been more relevant, and it has deep roots, which are you, our illustrious alumni!  When I came to Chatham last summer, I did so because I had faith in the leadership, the mission, and the tradition.  My faith has not wavered.  In fact, the filming of “We Are Hargrave” has only given me greater confidence.

As we head into the end of our fiscal year, I ask that you consider supporting your alma mater, as she once supported you.  No amount is too small.  

Thank you,

Louis Massett
Chief Development Officer
Hargrave Military Academy

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