Day Cadets

Hargrave welcomes Day Cadets

Students who live near Chatham can attend Hargrave as a Day Cadet (non-boarding).

Hargrave is a college preparatory school, not a pathway to serving in the military. It is, instead, the spirit of the military, teaching the students honor, integrity, self-discipline, pride, tolerance, and endurance, all of which builds character that benefits each student throughout their life.

Why do Day Cadets come to Hargrave?

Come Visit Hargrave

Visit Hargrave for an open house or personal tour. Speak with the team and students to learn how Hargrave helps boys grow.

Day Cadet Fast Facts

College Acceptances

Our College Placement Counselor works with our students throughout their Hargrave career to assist them in finding their perfect-fit college.

Hargrave Lookbook

We foster an environment of change, integrity, growth, character, and leadership, and intrinsically motivate our Cadets to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

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