Facts about Hargrave Military Academy

College Acceptances

at 90 unique colleges and universities in 2019

High Dive

3D Printers

in our STEAM Lab

Total Faculty

Indoor Gyms

Walter Davis Gym & Grant Multipurpose Gym

College Acceptance

Dual Enrollment Courses


Marching Band, Orchestra, Choir and Highlanders

Lane Pool


Average Class Size

Average Financial Aid Award

International Students

Different Countries

Students Come From

Post Graduates

Service Academy Cadets

in the last ten years

Chapel Services

each week

Chatham, Virginia

A small town with a girls’ boarding school across town!

Campus Acres

States Represented

AP Courses

Dorms on Campus

Total Scholarships Earned


Honors Courses

Football Players

signed with colleges this year


Hargrave develops young men into leaders of character who are prepared for lifelong success.

Gallon Pool


signed with colleges this year



Varsity Sports


7–12 & Post Graduate

Hargrave Lookbook

We foster an environment of change, integrity, growth, character, and leadership, and intrinsically motivate our Cadets to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

Character Matters Here

Your Hargrave story starts with a conversation. Let’s get your story started.

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