Featured Faculty Betsy Kent

Featured Faculty Betsy Kent

One of our newest faculty members, Ms. Betsy Kent, is a Science instructor for our Center for Integrated Studies (CIS). She comes to Hargrave not from a traditional educational background, but from an industrial one; she was formerly a microbiologist with Nestle. Ms. Kent has taught at the college level and has led youth groups at her church.

Coming to Hargrave, she thought that all of the students would be very focused on the military aspects of the school. "I believe that many in the Danville community expect that the boys just march around all day." She was relieved to see that this was not the case. "They keep me on my toes."

"Not all kids are interested in science, so I have to take a hands on - have fun approach." Though now, "every day they want to blow something up".

She enjoys her leeway with her classes. "I do not have to follow an event schedule like my friends who teach at public school do. Our schedule can focus on real life. Sometimes you just need to go out to the pond or do other science outside."

Some of her favorite parts of Hargrave include the sense of fulfillment she receives from teaching her students and "touching their lives in positive way while they are making decisions for life." Another is the way "Hargrave science teachers work together as a family". She also oversees our Community Service Committee. Welcome to Hargrave, Ms. Kent!

Betsy Kent

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